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Made with simple, inconceivably delicious ingredients, they're the modern-day chili oils that you need in your life.

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Earthy, Spicy, Smoky Perfection

Crispy garlic, crunchy chili peppers, and smoked sesame seeds, all drenched in pure, full-bodied olive oil. Need we say more?

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Meet the first chili oil that's made with avocado oil.

Each jar is brimming with smoky sesame seeds, crunchy chili peppers, finish—all swimming in rich avocado oil for an aroma taste experience you’ll never forget.

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We Won StartupCPG Contest

On June 22, 10 amazing CPG brands demoed their latest products to an audience of investors, founders and potential retail partners at the Startup CPG meetup.

We won the retail partnership with GoodGood! Garlic Chili Oil will soon be carried across the GoodGood locations.

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