Family is everything.

My name is Catherine Chen. Everyone calls me CC. 

I truly believe that cooking recipes from our heritage brings a sense of togetherness that spans generations, keeping our ancestors with us wherever we go.

And that was exactly my inspiration behind CC Sauce.

I wanted to create a simple, natural, addictively delicious spicy sauce with ingredients people could actually pronounce. To do that, I went back to my roots. Using an old family recipe passed down from generations, I put my own modern twist on our secret family recipe to make the ultimate culinary complement. Made with only simple and clean ingredients, you’ll never want to be without it. More importantly, I challenged the tradition to use healthier oils like olive oil and avocado oil. 

CC Sauce has traveled to more than thirty countries on six continents with our customers. Thank you for spreading the love. 

My father taught me how to make the chili oil when I was young. Now, he's proud of me for sharing what we've loved for generations with you.