Perfect Pairings: Discovering the Best Foods to Enjoy with CC Sauce's Chili Oils

Perfect Pairings: Discovering the Best Foods to Enjoy with CC Sauce's Chili Oils

CC Sauce's Garlic Chili Oil and Avocado Chili Oil have gained popularity among food enthusiasts and home cooks for their versatility and unique flavours. These oils can transform your culinary creations, adding a layer of richness and depth to a wide variety of dishes. In this article, we will explore some of the best foods and dishes to pair with these delicious chili oils, so you can fully enjoy their potential and elevate your dining experiences.


Pizza and chili oil go hand in hand, with the oil adding a spicy kick that complements the savoury toppings and gooey cheese. Drizzle Garlic Chili Oil over a classic Margherita pizza for a garlicky twist, or add Avocado Chili Oil to a veggie pizza for a smooth and smoky flavour. For an extra gourmet touch, try making your own homemade pizza dough and experimenting with various toppings to find your perfect pizza and chili oil combination.

Pasta and Noodles

Pasta and noodles are the perfect canvas for CC Sauce's chili oils. Toss your favourite pasta or noodle dish with a few spoonfuls of Garlic Chili Oil for a garlicky, spicy kick that enhances the flavours of the sauce. Alternatively, mix Avocado Chili Oil into a creamy alfredo sauce for a hint of smokiness and spice. For Asian noodle dishes, such as ramen or pho, a drizzle of chili oil adds depth and complexity, elevating the dish to a new level of deliciousness.


Whether you prefer steamed or pan-fried, dumplings are an ideal pairing for CC Sauce's chili oils. Mix the Garlic Chili Oil with soy sauce and rice vinegar for a garlicky, spicy dipping sauce that brings out the rich flavours of your dumplings. For a milder, more delicate option, combine Avocado Chili Oil with a touch of sesame oil and soy sauce for a smooth and satisfying dipping experience.

Sushi and Sashimi

Chili oil can also be a delicious addition to sushi and sashimi dishes. Swap out traditional wasabi for a small dollop of Garlic Chili Oil to give your sushi rolls a unique and exciting flavour boost. For sashimi, try mixing a small amount of Avocado Chili Oil with soy sauce for a smooth, smoky dipping sauce that complements the fresh fish without overpowering it.

Grilled and Roasted Meats

Both Garlic Chili Oil and Avocado Chili Oil can be used as marinades or finishing touches for grilled and roasted meats. Marinate chicken, beef, or pork in a mixture of chili oil, soy sauce, and your choice of spices for a flavourful and tender result. When grilling, brush the chili oil onto the meat during the last few minutes of cooking for a burst of flavour and a beautiful, caramelized crust. For roasted meats, drizzle chili oil over the top before serving for an extra layer of depth and richness.

Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes

Chili oils can also enhance vegetarian and vegan dishes, adding a new dimension to plant-based meals. Use the Avocado Chili Oil as a base for stir-frying vegetables, or drizzle it over roasted root vegetables for a smoky, spicy finish. Garlic Chili Oil can be mixed into tofu marinades or added to vegan stews and soups for an extra layer of warmth and richness.


Transform your salads by incorporating CC Sauce's chili oils into your dressings. Mix Garlic Chili Oil with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a garlicky, spicy vinaigrette that pairs well with robust greens like kale or spinach. For a lighter, more delicate salad dressing option, whisk together Avocado Chili Oil with lemon juice, honey, and a touch of Dijon mustard for a smooth and smoky dressing that complements delicate greens like butter lettuce or arugula.

Grain Bowls

Grain bowls are an excellent way to create a balanced, nutrient-dense meal. Drizzle Garlic Chili Oil over a quinoa or brown rice bowl, packed with your choice of vegetables, protein, and other toppings, for an extra punch of garlicky heat. For a milder kick, add Avocado Chili Oil to your grain bowl, mixing it with a little tahini or Greek yogurt for a creamy, smoky dressing that brings all the elements together.


Both Garlic Chili Oil and Avocado Chili Oil work wonders with seafood dishes, enhancing their natural flavours without overpowering them. Drizzle Garlic Chili Oil over grilled shrimp or seared scallops for a garlicky, spicy twist. For a more subtle touch, toss steamed clams or mussels with Avocado Chili Oil, white wine, and fresh herbs for a smooth, smoky flavour that complements the briny shellfish.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Add some excitement to your sandwiches and wraps by incorporating CC Sauce's chili oils. Spread a thin layer of Garlic Chili Oil on a crusty baguette for a garlicky kick, then layer with your choice of meats, cheeses, and veggies for a delicious, gourmet sandwich. For a lighter, more health-conscious option, drizzle Avocado Chili Oil over a veggie-packed wrap or use it as a base for a smoky, spicy mayo spread.


CC Sauce's Garlic Chili Oil and Avocado Chili Oil offer endless possibilities for enhancing and elevating your culinary creations. By discovering the best foods and dishes to pair with these versatile condiments, you can make the most of their unique flavours and elevate your dining experiences to new heights. So, don't be afraid to experiment and get creative in the kitchen – the perfect pairing might just be one drizzle away!

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