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CC Sauce

Chili Oil Made With Avocado Oil

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Meet the world's first chili oil made with avocado oil. 

Irresistibly crafted with three simple ingredients - less is more. Each jar is brimming with smoky sesame seeds, crunchy chili peppers, finish—all swimming in rich avocado oil for an aroma taste experience you’ll never forget.

Proudly crafted in Toronto, Canada. 


Is Garlic Chili Oil gluten free?

Yes, Garllic Chili Oil contains four simple ingredients, olive oil, garlic, dried chili pepper and sesame seeds.

My youngest son is allergic to tree nuts. Is it true the product is nut free?


My sister has diabetes. I have been looking for sugar-free chili oil for her for quite some time now. Can you confirm there is no sugar in your product?

There is no sugar.

Is this product free of MSG?

There is no MSG.